Surface file date format


I am trying to display surface data from MesoWest in NMAP2, and have
created a gempak surface file (YYYYMMDD_meso.gem) with 'sfcfil'.  When I
run sflist against this gempak surface file, it says there are no times
in the file.  I think the problem is that the date/time shows up as
YYYYMMDD/HHMM, but it should be YYMMDD/HHMM.  Mesowest changed their
data format when they stopped sending out the "mesowest.sfedit" files.
I have adjusted for the change in parameters in the new file format, but
I don't know how to handle the date problem.

Does anyone know how I can edit the date/time format to be YYMMDD/HHMM
when I am creating the surface file?  Or, is there a template I can copy
and edit for this dataset?

Thank you,

Nancy J. Selover, PhD.
Asst. State Climatologist
Office of Climatology tel: 480-965-0580
Arizona State University fax: 480-965-1473
Tempe, AZ 85287-1508 e-mail: selover@xxxxxxx

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