20060317: gdgsfc question


Double check your ATE station entry to make sure
you haven't used tabs in the columns. A look at the
SLAT;SLON;SELV might give a tip as to where the
column are off, or if the data is coming from another station in the table with that unexpected lat/lon.

Steve Chiswell
Unidata User Support

On Fri, 2006-03-17 at 09:11, Case.Jon wrote:
Dear Gembud,
I'm tring to extract NWP point forecasts into a surface file in the
following manner:
(1) Created a sub-set list of the sfstns.tbl file, adding a new
station to the list (which I called "ATE" for now).
(2) Created new surface file with sfcfil.
(3) Run gdgsfc to extract the surface parameters to the stations in
the surface file created in (2). (4) Examine extracted data using sflist. The problem I've encountered is with the new station "ATE". Even
though I defined the lat/lon and rest of its station data correctly in
the sub-setted .tbl file, the data are not getting corrected extracted
to the station.  In fact, sflist shows the slat and slon as completely
incorrect, not at all reflecting the values I put into the station
table file used in sfcfil. So, what can I do to get the new station data recognized within the
surface file?
Thanks in advance,

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