Nsharp resource file

I'm having trouble with Nsharp finding the correct data directory for
current soundings (Load > Observed > File > UAIR ). The NSHARP resource
file ( ~/.app-defaults) has been modified to the data directory but
does not appear to have any affect.

Closer examination reveals that this may be an older resource file since
it mentions V3.1 at the top of the file.  In $NAWIPS/resource/ there is
a resource file for NSHARP v3.2 but it only has a few lines and no paths
to data locations. In addition, if I use this file in my .app-defaults
directory, I get errors:

$ nsharp
nsharp: line 1: Nsharp.geometry:: command not found
nsharp: line 2: syntax error near unexpected token `('
nsharp: line 2: Nsharp.title:    SkewT Hodograph Analysis and Research
Program (V3.2 + UPC Mods)'

There must be something simple that I've overlooked...

--gempak v5.9.1 darwin
--MacOS X 10.4.2


| David O. Blanchard  Flagstaff, Arizona  david_blanchard@xxxxxxxxxxxxx  |

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