Re: GEMPAK 5.8.4 and sfmap: filter and station table


This can be a little tricky to get exactly what you want, but if you
are patient it can be done.  I do it here at the U.W. in my plots (see for
an example).

There is a priority field in that you can use in sfmap to filter by.
For example,

SFPARM   = skyc:.75;tmpf;wsym:1;smsl;blnk;dwpf;spri<4;brbk:1:1;mark:2
COLORS   = 32;2;23;0;4;0;32
FILTER   = 0

will plot only stations with a priority of 4 and below.  Assigning
that a color of 0 will keep that number from being plotted.
Personally, I run my own GEMPAK file creator to add my own
priorities.  If you are running dcmetr using
$GEMTBL/stns/sfmetar_sa.tbl as your station file, you'll need to try
putting an integer out in the 76th column of that file for your
stations.  Since everything defaults to 0, you'll probably just want
to assign a higher value to YUL and plot it separately.   And, your
changes to priority won't take effect until you create a new GEMPAK
Note that I also have to specifically tell sfmap to not plot
certain stations.  For instance, the following plots all stations with
elevations between 0 and 2000 meters, but leaves out CMCT

AREA     = SELV:0:2000/-@CMCT

I find AREA statements extremely quirky, however, especially the
behavior with the -@STID syntax.  Your  best bet if you want to
subtract multiple stations, is to do something like this:

AREA     = 40;-130;50;-110/-@ksea/-@krnt/-@ktiw
FILTER   = 0

Where your FILTER value will may need adjusting.  Good luck.


David Ovens              e-mail: ovens@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Research Meteorologist    phone: (206) 685-8108
Dept of Atm. Sciences      plan: Real-time MM5 forecasting for the
Box 351640                        Pacific Northwest
University of Washington
Seattle, WA  98195               Weather Graphics and Loops

On Fri, Dec 16, 2005 at 09:12:13AM -0500, Christian Pag? wrote:
Hi everyone,

I am trying to get some main stations plotted in priority in sfmap.
By example, I would like YUL to be in absolute priority, since it is a
manned station.
I tried to put YUL in the top of stations tables lsfstns.tbl and
sfmetar_sa.tbl with no avail.
Stations like CMCT comes up first...

Any idea how can I force that?

Many thanks,

Christian Pag?

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