20051206: Gempak to grib conversion of CED type grid


The dcgrib/dcgrib2 programs are decoders that convert from grib to GEMPAK
format. To convert a GEMPAK format grid file variable into GRIB, you need to use
the program gdgrib.

If you are having problems with gdgrib, please provide the values you are using
for that program.

Steve Chiswell
Unidata User Support

On Tue, 6 Dec 2005, Kevin Hill wrote:


I am trying to convert a Gempak grid that is a 1 degree lat/lon (CED) grid
into grib. The conversion works fine, but when I try and use the grid to
run the WRFSI software package (the initialization program that processes
data for WRF) I get an error. Is there something that needs to be
specified differently in the conversion since we are dealing with a CED

In order to troubleshoot, I downloaded CED grids from NOMADS and loaded
WRFSI with those, without a problem. Then I converted one of those grib
files to GEMPAK using dcgrib. Next I tried to take one variable from that
GEMPAK grid and write it back into the original grib file (I did 1000 mb
Height). After writing that grid back to the grib file WRFSI then crashed.
So basically writing one grid into the grib files which had previously
worked caused a problem!

When I converted the Gempak height grid to grib I used the cpyfil
parameter and set that to the Gempak file that I created from the grib
file using dcgrib. I was wondering if maybe I needed to specify some other
value instead of using cpyfil or if anyone had an ideas? Does it matter if
dcgrib or dcgrib2 is used for the conversion from grib to Gempak?

Thanks for any help!

Kevin A. Hill
Graduate Teaching/Research Assistant
North Carolina State University

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