pfm release - beta

Ldmbuds, gembuds, nwsbuds.

Since chiz announced adding albany's speed patch to gempak, and I am so excited 
at the results, I am announcing the beta version of the PFMs we discussed a few 
weeks ago.. thank you everyone for your input along the way :)

To refresh the topic, we know that official PFMs are not produced for all 
zones, so I wrote a few routines to degrib the NDFD data, dump the variables 
into MySQL, pull them back out, parse, and create pseudo PFMs for every weather 
zone in conus (I call them BG PFMs in fun). When I have time I will of course 
do Alaska and Hawaii as well.  So far everything seems to be working well. I 
update them hourly to coincide with the ndfd updates, so some small differences 
will be noticed as official PFMs are not updated hourly.. What you see is 
essentially a rough draft and considered to be in 'beta' form. I welcome 
comments / criticisms / suggestions as you view your respective areas, and will 
make changes after I finish writing / grading final exams :o

As far as distribution of the final product users may of course pull relevant 
files for their area from my existing web server (or others that I could make 
available.  [wget'ing the entire product queue is of course discouraged, and 
ip's will be blocked accordingly]), or I could of course setup an ldm stream 
for the products. but I would need assistance on the procedure(s) to do so.

To view your areas use the imagemap at the url below and select your zone 
represented by the 'dots' .  if you hold your mouse point over a given zone, 
the name of the zone will appear for you. the lines on the map represent 
counties, so obviously more than one zone (pfm) will be available in many 
instances: at the top right two 
additional sources are available.

1. a nws pfm decoder and 2. processing status information, that shows a user 
how far along given routines are.. in case you are waiting for an update.

Best wishes to all, and happy holidays!


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