MTSAT-1R data in Garp


Has anyone been able to view imager data from the new JMA satellite
MTSAT-1R in Garp?  I can view it in Nmap2 just fine but when I attempt
to load
it into Garp I get a blank image with just the map overlay.  I'm
thinking it has to do with not having anything for MTSAT-1R in the
imgtyp.tbl file.  I was just wondering if maybe someone has managed to
get this to work.  Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Kris Booker ---------------------------------------------------
Kristopher J. Booker
Weather Systems Administrator

Universal Weather & Aviation, Inc.
8787 Tallyho Rd.
Houston, TX 77061
desk: (713) 947-5686
mobile: (713) 504-2719

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