Re: Printing Issues

Not sure if they are still available, but HP once made postscript code available to handle things like tray direction, duplexing, paper size, etc. For example, here's some code that worked on an HP 5000 (a very similar printer to the 5100) for duplexing:

%!        prints on both sides of the paper
<</Duplex true>>setpagedevice   % 0 BeginPage

Might want to look around on HP's website and see if such code exists. for the 5100. I think it's standard postscript, so you might be able to write your own if you're savy about it.

Once you have the code, it's a matter of configuring your printers to prepend the postscript snippet to the file you wish to print.

Hope this helps,

Rob Dale wrote:
I have a HP5100TN printer, and when I tell NMAP2 to print on 11x17 it pulls
the right paper out of the secondary tray... Nsharp however doesn't and
always uses regular paper - anyone know why or what I can do? V5.8.3

 - Rob

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