20051012: conduit / hds


No. There are no grid #201 grids in the CONDUIT feed.
There are only legacy 00Z MRF grid #002 (2.5 degree global) MRF grids in CONDUIT.
There is the distinct possibility that if your queue isn't large enough,
you could have a problem in processing all the data before it gets overwritten in your queue if you didn't take the increased data volume
into account in your queue and pqact configuration before adding

Your HRS latency shows the hit in latency starting today:
The peak volume your weather3 host saw today was 2.8GB per hour:

Check the size of your ldm product queue, and if you have any problems
with the ability of your pqact processes to keep pace, consider using
the separate pqact entry configurations that are generated from

Steve Chiswell
Unidata User Support

On Wed, 2005-10-12 at 13:39, Patrick L. Francis wrote:
I just initiated conduit for the first time.. and some of my
mrf_201 scripts have stopped functioning... is it possible
there is more than one mrf_201 grid from more than
one source that is different? ... i.e. would overwrite
the exact filenames without having the same

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