virtual wall setup

Greetings gembuds,

We are investigating the technical requirements for setting up a wall display of perhaps 6-9 monitors, each running a different gempak (Garp sat loop, radar loop, etc..) or other display (static gifs created from gempak programs, other websites, etc..).

Has anyone done this? Do you need one computer for each monitor? Can one workstation run multiple displays? If you have any suggestions, you can email or call me offline. Also if you know of someone I should be talking to, a referral would be great. Thanks ahead for any feedback.


Christopher C. Hennon
Assistant Professor
Department of Atmospheric Sciences
UNC Asheville

Phone:  (828) 232-5159
 Fax:  (828) 232-5046

236C Robinson Hall
CPO #2450
UNC Asheville
One University Heights
Asheville, NC 28804-3299

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