RE: 20051003: _gif and _gf executables in Gempak 5.8.3a?


The programs with _DEVICEDRIVER appended to the name are directly linked
to the gplt and device driver libraries. These programs will not use a message queue with separate gplt and device driver processes. The programs are self contained as you cannot specify a different DEVICE
for output than what is part of the program. Since the programs do not
use message queues, you cannot use other programs to create overlays.

The advantage of these programs is generally seen when running cron jobs
to produce plots automatically, when overlays are not needed. Because
they do not spawn a gplt process or a device driver process, and do not
use a message queue to communicate with those processes, they can avoid
potential conflicts and mailbox problems if a script has problems, or
a program exits prematurely.

Steve Chiswell
Unidata User Support

On Mon, 2005-10-03 at 16:20, Christopher McIntyre wrote:
Steve, et al,

Just trying to follow this thread, but what's the difference between "gpmap"
and "gpmap_gf" and "gpmap_gif"?  Or the difference between "gpfront" and


Christopher McIntyre

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