Compiling GEMPAK in FC4

Using FC4, gcc4 and gfortran, this is the first error I get. Anybody
has some experience in comiling GEMPAK under FC4 and gcc4/gfortran?

make[4]: Entering directory
gfortran -fno-second-underscore -I/home/gempak/nawips/gempak/include
-I/home/gempak/nawips/gempak/include/Linux -O  -c gendp.f
gfortran -fno-second-underscore -I/home/gempak/nawips/gempak/include
-I/home/gempak/nawips/gempak/include/Linux -O  -c ginitp.f
In file MCHPRM.PRM:33

    Included at GEMPRM.PRM:21

    Included at ginitp.f:34

      PARAMETER ( CHNULL = X'00' )
Error: Can't convert INTEGER(16) to CHARACTER(1) at (1)

followed by many errors which are similar.

Christian Page

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