GDTSER and Surface Point Data

Gempak Gurus,

I have downloaded NOAA SURFRAD data and placed them into GEMPAK surface files using SFCFIL and SFEDIT. I would like to compare the data to gridded workstation Eta output. Is there anyway to overlay time series from both datasets (SFGRAM/GDTSER)? Any advice will be greatly appreciated.


Fedore Core 2 Linux - GEMPAK version 5.8.2a


Charles J. Alonge
Scientific Programmer / Analyst
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center - SAIC
Hydrological Sciences Branch
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Greenbelt, MD 20771

Office: Building 22, Room 008
Phone:  (301) 286-8272
Fax:    (301) 286-8624
Email:  Charles.Alonge@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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