RE: GEMPAK SpeedPatch

Robert - the patch affects programs that run the 'gplt' application ($GEMPAK/gempak/source/gplt/main) ... this includes most of the programs in the $GEMEXE directory. If the 'creating process: gplt queue ...' message comes up during the execution of the *_gif or *_gf programs, then it will help ... otherwise those programs (that don't show up in the 5.7.4 version that I have in front of me) are running on something other than 'gplt' (doubtful? ... Steve can probably field that one better than me).
A quick way to check if the speedPatch is working for you is to run `gpend` on 
the command line without any message queues running.  If the result is 
instantaneous, then the speedPatch is functional ... if you have to wait for a 
full second before the program terminates, then the update isn't installed.

Robert Mullenax wrote:

We have seen quite a bit of speed-up using the _gif and _gf versions of
GEMPAK programs in scripts.  Will SpeedPatch improve upon those?


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