RE: GEMPAK SpeedPatch


We have seen quite a bit of speed-up using the _gif and _gf versions of
GEMPAK programs in scripts.  Will SpeedPatch improve upon those?


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Hi Pat - this is purely a community contribution and therefore comes
with the usual attached disclaimers and lack of warranty.  As far as
compatibility, we've only been able to test on SunOS and Linux.  For
upgrades, we've had no problems from 5.7.4 to the current release,
except for segments involving change notes on subs that are modified in
the different distros - nothing that will cause any compilation /
runtime problems.

We'd appreciate any input from other community members wrt any problems
experienced with the patch (including compilations on different
platforms etc), and we'll keep our webpage and downloadable version as
current as possible.  If Unidata / UCAR decides to roll the patch into a
future release, that would be great - otherwise we're willing to provide
it as-is and help to keep it current with help from other users such as
:)  ron

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