Re: TAMDAR data

Ok, I can see the same profile as the image you supplied.  I was
looking for TAMDAR profiles originating from CMI, BMI, and PIA in IL
between 11z and 18z today and not seeing any.  Since each of those
airports should have have a couple TAMDAR flights, I got worried that
there might be a decoding problem.


Eric Nelson - Weather Data Manager College of Dupage Meteorology Dept. enelson@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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On 1 Sep 2005, Steve Chiswell wrote:


I am able to plot moisture profiles from the files being decoded by
dcacars (5.8.3a) both using nsharp and acprof (the version of snprof I
provide that uses the ship format surface files). Ensure you are using
the latest version to keep up with the change in format of the NetCDF

For example, a 1200-1259Z plot around San Antonio produces the attached

Since the NetCDF files have several different possibilities for a
moisture sensor, there are several attempts made to determine a dewpoint
temperature depending on what id provided. If you can provide me
with a specific aircraft ID and time I can check the data stream to
verify that specific instances of rh, mixr, tmpc, vapor pressure, etc
are being checked.

Note that you can list the data with SFLIST to verify the data being
decoded for specific aircraft.

Steve Chiswell

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