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Thanks, this looks really cool!

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Subject: GEMPAK SpeedPatch

Hi users - We (AOS at the University at Albany) have developed a
speed-up patch for GEMPAK that we thought we'd share with the community.
The patch, and lots of supporting documentation - including installation
details - is available from:

The modifications made by the patch make plotting virtually
instantaneous on a fast machine and can dramatically improve script
performance, especially if a lot of image generation is required.  We're
using a patched version of the latest GEMPAK distro at UatA on both
SunOS and Linux machines.

For the technophiles: the patched version of GEMPAK will use sys-V
semaphores to track message queue usage rather than the current
handshaking method.  For normal operations (i.e. unless the user has
closed an X-window prematurely ... but users never do that, right?),
this means that the 1-2s handshaking wait time is avoided.  The waits
can add up and produce a noticeable delay for the user.  Lots more
details about the speedPatch implementation are available from the
website above.

You can send bug reports or questions to rmctc at atmos dot albany dot

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