20050810: Slight modification to GEMPAK decoders pqact entry for GFS 212

GEMPAK users,

As announced previously for Aug 9, 2005:

additional GFS grids for grid #212 have been added to the NWTSG2 stream
(being sent on the IDD in the NGRID feedtype). The number of grids
sent at 12Z totaled 8992, which requires that the dcgrib2 action in
pqact.gempak_decoders (eg created from
$NAWIPS/ldm/etc/templates/pqact.gempak_decoders.in) increase the maximum
number of grids that will be stored in the file (the default maximum is
5000). I have added "-m 20000" to the dcgrib2 action for this data set
and the source and distribution tarfiles for GEMPAK 5.8.3a have been
reposted accordingly.

Steve Chiswell
Unidata User Support

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