Re: making filled shapes with MAP/BND in areas outside the US

The supplied bounds tables in $GEMTBL/bounds do not provide
international metadata for filling those regions individually.

The source distribution contains the README file in $GEMPAK/utilities/bounds/README.maptobnd
which provides information about creating a bounds file
from a VG plotted map file.

Otherwise, if you have a shapefile, it can be converted into a bound file using shpcv with the -b option (see shpcv -help for
more info).

Steve Chiswell
Unidata User Support

On Thu, 2005-08-04 at 10:50, Stonie R. Cooper wrote:
You may want to use GMT (free, as in free beer) from U of HI to create your background map, then plot your navigated image without maps, set the color black as transparent on the resulting gempak image, and then use imagemagick to overlay the gempak image on the GMT created basemap.


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