RE: Rounding in sflist

Yep that's what I mean.  Oh well, I'll just take care of it in
post-processing.  That would be a nice enhancement to the *list

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I assume you mean something like the NINT function in the grid
operators.  There's been times when I wished you could do
simple math with observations, too.  But I think there's no
easy way to do that.

Hoping I'm wrong,

On Wed, 2005-08-03 at 09:47, Robert Mullenax wrote:
I think the answer to this is no, but here goes.  Is there anyway in
sflist to round the result to the nearest whole number, for example a
24-hour max temp is output from sflist as 87.98F.  Can you make the
result be 88F within GEMPAK?


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