RE: frustrating problem with GEMPAK5.8+ distros

I have seen the bogus number thing as well under 5.8.1.  Under 5.8.2a
all I get is zeros whne the problem occurs.  Very strange.

Thanks for taking the time to look at this.

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Subject: RE: frustrating problem with GEMPAK5.8+ distros


You're right. Sort of...
If you plot values first and contour second, everything goes right (see
attached gif image). If you contour first and plot values second, you
get weird numbers ploted (see second attached gif). The contour scheme
remains fine. Even if you invoke clear and reset, the plotted numbers
are incorrect (they change with each new attempt). So, yes, there seems
to be a bug in the software.


(For reference, I just used current NAM212 data set and used default
settings for displaying 500mb temperature(deg C). I'm running version
5.8.2a on a Solaris8 machine from source.)

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