dcwarn decoder - VTEC and SMWs?

I have installed Gempak 5.8.2a at HGX to generate warning status
graphics for the office's situational awareness display (SAD).  I have
been successful in using dcwarn to decode warnings so that they can be
displayed using gpmap.  Once the SAD is operational, background scripts
will generate graphics to be displayed on an internal warning status web

Question One:  Has anyone written, or has plans to write an updated
version of dcwarn that will decode VTEC line?  Would, (should), a later
dcwarn decoder be able to decode SVS statements that are related to a
parent warning? (The relationship is identified in the VTEC.)  This
would be an important capability because the follow up SVS can be issued
to remove counties from a warning, or cancel the warning altogether.  

Question Two:  I have found that there is currently not a way to decode
and display Special Marine Warnings Gempak.  I initially investigated
adding this capability to dcwarn, but while SVR, TOR, and FFW products
use county code, the marine products use zones.  Is anyone decoding
marine warnings?  If so, how are they being displayed?

I am willing to write decooders if there is not already a working
version of what I am looking for.  I just need some insite as to how
integrate these decoded files with applications such as gpmap, gpwarn, etc.

Thank you in advance for any advice or feedback!

Mark Keehn
Infornmation Technology Officer
NWS Houston/Galveston, Texas

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