RE: frustrating problem with GEMPAK5.8+ distros

Just to clarify, contour and fills work fine, but the plotted values
(More>>, click Value) give just zeros about 50% of the time.


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Subject: frustrating problem with GEMPAK5.8+ distros

Ever since GEMPAK5.8.1 I have noticed an annoying (and showstopping for
us) problem with GARP and/or GEMPAK itself.  GEMPAK5.7.2p2 is fine.  I
was wondering if anyone else has seen it or could try to duplicate it.

Intermittently (say 50% of the time) if you try to plot a value in GARP
(More, click Value) of model data, you will get values of zero plotted
for all points.  The thing that makes no sense is that contoured values
are just fine.  It is just when you choose to plot data that you see the
problem.  I believe the problem is in GARP as I have yet to get it to
gail using one of the gp programs.  I am running Solaris 9/Solaris 10
x86 using the Unidata binary, locally compiled versions with and without
any optimization, and it happens on each one.  Another department here
still uses Linux and have seen the same problem with the GEMPAK5.8+

Can someone attempt to duplicate (just doing Isotachs_kts and More,
Value) would work?

Robert Mullenax

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