how to increase radar data dot size, radar projections

Hi Gembuds,

Two quick questions.I couldn't find a reference to these in the user manuals
or online archives.

We are running gempak and using the gpmap function to plot n0r 0.5 degree
scan national composite radar images. However, we find that the data dot
size is too small, so we tried increasing the output device size from
640x480 to 1024x768 and even to 2048x1536. But alas, the data dot size
remains the same not matter what the size of the output image.

1) Is there any way to increase the size of the radar dots so that each echo
is represented by a 4x4 pixel box instead of the current 1x1 pixel box?

2) Also, is there any way to modify the projection (to LEA for example) when
plotting radar data?  If we use any projection other than "rad", the result
is always a blank black image.


Christopher McIntyre

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