Re: white background and NWS/NOAA logo

Hi Maureen,

I didn't notice a response to this online, perhaps somebody already helped you offline. Regardless, see my hack below.

On Tue, 17 May 2005, Maureen Ballard wrote:

I have for some time run scripts that produce maps with white backgrounds. I have a copy of the coltbl.xmp file in my working directory with white as the first entry to achieve this. However, when I do this, when I use gptext to put on the NWS and NOAA logos, the white in the logos is switched to black.

Any ideas on how to resolve this? On the script I am working on right now, I run gpmap, gdplot2, and then gptext (to add the titles and logos).

In addition, the logos never look very clean. Would this be because of the size? I use size 2 and they look a little blurry. Any ideas on how to clean them up?

Example of what I am referring to at:

Consider placing the logo using ImageMagick instead of GEMPAK. For example,

combine -compose over gempak.gif -geometry +770+650 \
~/plots/IMAGES/splash.gif tmp.gif


 * Daryl Herzmann (akrherz@xxxxxxxxxxx)
 * Program Assistant -- Iowa Environmental Mesonet

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