20050516: GEMPAK 5.8.2a available

Gempak Users,

I have posted the Unidata release of GEMPAK 5.8.2a for download on
our web portal:

GEMPAK 5.8.2 adds the ability to compute ensembles from multiple grid
files (see GDFILE specification for file name syntax), time binning of
observational data in NMAP2, additional WOU and WCN county display features, and additonal support for grid diagnostics involving grids
of different navigations/projections.

For further description of new features included in this release, see:

The pqact.conf entries for decoders and NWX have also been updated for
several aviation weather products (http://aviationweather.gov/notice/).
The communication header changes for aviation weather products affect
the decoders dcairm, dcncon, dccsig and dcisig as well as the FILE'ing
of products for NWX.

Steve Chiswell
Unidata User Support

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