Re: 20050510: computer freezes

So just for fun yesterday I disabled the cleanup script, just to see what
would happen.  What happened was that the computer froze like always, only
this time I didn't have the runaway "gf" process.
Locally the computer was responsive enough that I was able to get it to
reboot cleanly, however unresponsive enough that even given 2 full hours
it was unable to open a terminal

When I rebooted I got an error with rtstats, but wasn't quick enough to
actually get the exact error.

I logged the top command, and it shows a few things:
1) The logfile continued well after twister became unresponsive
twister stopped responding around 4:45, the logfile continues until 7:45
(when I rebooted)
2) Nothing is very taxing to the system
3) The only running process is the ldm

Upon reboot the ldm product queue was corrupt.

I've attached the top logfile in case someone has a better idea how to
interpret then I do
On 10 May 2005, Steve Chiswell wrote:


If you run cleanup while a script is running, you will kill the gplt
process and orphan the gf process. When you remove the message
queue (the script does this with the "ipcrm -q" command), you no
longer have a connection to the gf process.
The script should be run when your scripts are not running.

Another bit of advice is to run each script in its own temporary
directory (such as shown in the csh examples using $$ to obtain
a unique process id for a working directory name) so you don't have
multiple scripts creating race conditions with ipcs and .nts files.

Steve Chiswell
Unidata User Support

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