Re: computer lockup

It may be a hardware problem, such as overheating CPU, bad RAM etc.  Some 
motherboards such as the Intel 7501 chipset have hardware event logging on the 
motherboard which allows you to  go back and see if there are any hardware 
problems at crash time. I found that one of my CPU's was overheating and 
locking up my system through this method.

There are also some programs that will test your memory, tax your CPU at 99% 
load etc, in order to try and see if it is a hardware issue.  These problems 
with random lockups without any warning messages in the linux /var/log files 
can be very hard to narrow down. Let me know if you need the names of these. I 
don't have them at hand at the moment.

Good luck!

Michael Dross                             mdross@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Duke Power Company                  Meteorologist/Scientist
526 S. Church St. EC12Y                       Voice: 704-594-0341
Charlotte, NC 28201                       Mobile: 704-560-5431

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