Internal grid list is fill; simplify function

Hi all:

Does anyone know the cause of this error and a possible fix.  I've seen
it a number of times before when I displayed hi-res MM5 data, but it has
become much more common with NCEP operational products now that I am
using some of the higher resolution datasets from the DVB-S feed. Displaying either eta218 and dgex grids in Garp usually often yields the
problem after 30 or so grids have been read.  After it occurs, no
further display is possible until garp is restarted.

I assume that the size and/or complexity of the grids and that some
array size parameter somewhere needs to be increased and Gempak
recompiled.  Before I spend hours searching around, I figured I'd ask if
anyone has invented this wheel yet :)



Justin Sharp
Weather and Streamflow Forecasting
Bonneville Power Administration

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