Re: Radar Composites

Thanks for the reply, young skywalker.

First off, I have no idea how you are supposed to
determine the KXKY values...

Uh oh... What does the GEMPAK help say for this
variable? To save the drama, it is the number of pixel points in the X and Y direction.

Yes I know what the MAN says, but apparently I am too
stupid to know how many pixels are going to be in the
image produced when using bounds of 35;-105;45;-90 and
wanting 1km resolution.  Please tell me again how many
pixels per degree lat/lon there are for 1km res?

Ahhh, you see the problem?  You can't use the
projection you specified...

Well this sort of makes sense now. I was manually
entering CPYFIL's before like "gds" and it says it
cannot open file gds, will investigate.

Ryan J.

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