Re: Radar Composites


On Sun, 27 Feb 2005, Ryan Jewell wrote:

I've tried to get nex2gini to work, but it will not.

Booooo :)

I get an "Error Writing Header : -11 ".

I dunno what -11 is, but I guess it is probably a permission denied.

First off, I have no idea how you are supposed to determine the KXKY values...

Uh oh... What does the GEMPAK help say for this variable? To save the drama, it is the number of pixel points in the X and Y direction that you want your composite to contain.

2) Does it matter where I run this program from?

Sure does.  You have to be able to write to that local directory.

I also tried running gdradr, it core dumps, although it also writes out a file. If I try to load this file in nmap, it's a blank image, with /0000 at the bottom and 1 big blank color bar on the left (black).

Hmmm, that implies that you can write to the local directory, but perhaps you are tring to overwrite a file you can't write to, I am not sure...

I've checked and my nexrad.tbl is in the right location, my radar images are located in $RAD/NIDS/AMA/N0R, using amarillo as an example. I tried both lower case n0r and N0R (not sure it cares).

I think it does.  So you have something like this:


I am not sure what else to suggest.  So I looked at the sourcecode...

-11 is invalid map navigation.

C*      Set projection center and type flags.
        IF ( proj .eq. 'STR' .or. proj .eq. 'NPS' .or.
     +      proj .eq. 'SPS' ) THEN
            IF ( dangl1 .lt. 0. ) THEN
                ipole =   1
                sign  = - 1.
            END IF
            iprj = 5
          ELSE IF ( proj .eq. 'LCC' .or. proj .eq. 'SCC' ) THEN
            IF ( ( dangl1 + dangl3 ) .lt. 0. ) THEN
                ipole =   1
                sign  = - 1.
            END IF
            iprj = 3
          ELSE IF ( proj .eq. 'MER' ) THEN
            iprj  = 1
            iret = -11
        END IF

Ahhh, you see the problem?  You can't use the projection you specified...


 * Daryl Herzmann (akrherz@xxxxxxxxxxx)
 * Program Assistant -- Iowa Environmental Mesonet

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