20050223: garp: o plotted as wind symbol


A change in the calling sequence of a GEMLIB routine
in 5.6.K caused Garp wind barbs to be plotted with no value (eg zero).
I posted a patch to the Garp pvgrid.f which is in all subsequent
My testing of barbs does work in 5.7.4, so I'm not sure what you are
seeing. Are you using the 5.7.4 Garp binary from our download, or is this a version you built locally?
Steve Chiswell
Unidata User Support

On Wed, 2005-02-23 at 11:21, Neil R. Smith wrote:

I've two versions of GEMPAK with garp plotting 'o' for the wind barb,
and a third plotting the wind barb correctly for model data winds (eg.

Gempak 5.6k and Gempak 5.7.4 plot the 'o'.
Gempak 5.6j plots the wind barb symbols

All are looking at the same data and directory structure.
If I copy Gemenviron and garp's Garp_defaults from the working vers.
to the non-working versions, same result.

The working Gempak/garp is built on a freebsd box. The non-working garp is built on linux RH 7.3.

Any suggestions on what the 'o' symbol means in garp and what the
solution might be?


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