Thanks to all the GEMBUS who responded.  I missed the e-mail from Steve 
Chiswell about the change.  I must have gotten misplaced among the emails form 
my 450 students who think that my test was unfair, it's unreasonable to expect 
them to attend all lectures and labs, that they can't understand their TA, etc 

Anyway I got it fixed and now my Synoptics students will have model charts to 
work with.


*  Dr.  James C. St. John
*  School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences
*  Georgia Institute of Technology
*  1110 Ford Environmental Science & Technology Building
*  Atlanta GA 30332-0340
*  Phone:    404-894-1754
*  Fax:      404-894-5638
* E-Mail: stjohn@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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