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Yes, they changed the headers.  Below is a copy of what Unidata
sent to me last week.

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Hi Donna,

Not too long ago there was an email sent out about the NAM model name
change and the need to update GEMPAK pqact.conf files.  Not only did
I not get this done, but I have lost the email (Yes, I know, its my
own fault).  I tried to find the email on the Unidata web page but
have not been successful.  What were we supposed to do again?

Here is the advise I provided to another user:

Thanks.  Also, if a pqact entry does have mAVN/mSSIAVN, will that change

We recommend that you modify any entries you may have in
~ldm/etc/ldmd.conf and ~ldm/etc/pqact.conf (or other pqact
configuration files) that specifically reference AVN or ETA.  Instead
of simply changing AVN to GFS and ETA to NAM, we recommend that you
change your pattern to be able to handle both.

For instance, if you have a regular expression that refers to mAVN,
change it to refer to m(AVN|GFS), etc.

Don't forget to check the integrity of your modification in pqact.conf
by using

ldmadmin pqactcheck

If there are not typos, send a HUP signal to pqact telling it to reread
your actions:

ldmadmin pqactHUP

Please let us know if you have additional questions.


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