20050203: IDD grib meta tags

Dear IDD participants,

Tuesday February 9th, we will be migrating our existing NOAAPORT 
software to use the /mNAM, /mGFS and /mSSIGFS metadata tags for HRS 
products which currently use the /mETA and /mAVN and /mSSIAVN tags.
Since data may be inserted into the IDD at any of the top level
sources for the HRS stream, a transition time beginning at 18Z
will exist where either tag source may occur until all sites have 
upgraded to the current reception software. 

If you currently have LDM patterns with /mETA, you can  update these to 
/m(ETA|NAM) to work under either convention. Similarly, /m(AVN|SSIAVN) 
can be updated to /m(AVN|SSIAVN|GFS|SSIGFS). If you are currently
using these patterns in ldmd.conf or pqact.conf configuration files,
please make necessary changes as needed.

These metadata tags are only part of the LDM product delimeter used to
help identify the product, and not part of the actual data stream products.
Therefore, no change to the data will occur. However, if your
site is using the /m(ETA) or /m(AVN|SSIAVN) pattern in file naming
by pqact, you will need to ensure the output is to the file
name convention you are expecting. If you are not using the pqact string
substitution in your local file names, then other processing will be unaffected.

Steve Chiswell
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