Re: supported OS's for Gempak

Actually, I haven't had a very good experience with Fedora Core 2. It seems to run a bit slower than Redhat 9.0, IMO, and seems to crash GEMPAK slightly more. Also, there are a few NSSL programs I run which are not compatable with any of the FC operating systems, and there is no plan to continue development on the FC o/s. As far as the LDM and McIDAS is concerned, FC 2 has had absolutely no problems.

Robert Dewey
"Christopher H. McIntyre" <chrism@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi Gembuds,

I couldn't find any reference to this online, so here goes:

Does the latest version of Gempak run on Redhat Fedora without problem? We
are currently using Redhat 9.0, but are thinking of upgrading our OS and
Gempak versions. Or, will Gempak on Redhat 9.0 continue to be supported
long into the future?


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