Re: supported OS's for Gempak

I use Fedora Core 2 for most of our machines where Gempak runs. I've 2 older machines running older OS and Gempak versions that will only be upgraded when the machines are :-) They're working too well to risk a change!

My experience with FC 2 and FC 3 has, overall, been that either works well.

If Robert's recommending Fedora over Solaris, you know it's gotta be OK!


Robert Mullenax wrote:
Fedora is what Unidata currently builds GEMPAK on under Linux, so it is
your best bet.

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Hi Gembuds,

I couldn't find any reference to this online, so here goes:

Does the latest version of Gempak run on Redhat Fedora without problem?
are currently using Redhat 9.0, but are thinking of upgrading our OS and
Gempak versions.  Or, will Gempak on Redhat 9.0 continue to be supported
long into the future?


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