It seems that something may be amiss with the asus/hpc files...

since returning from vacation i have found that scripts involving gpfront have
been failing.. further investigation has shown that nothing is wrong with the
scripts but it appears something has changed with the asus files at the
point of origin... there appears to be some extra character returns in the
feed so that when scripts are run gpfront says the files can not be found even
though they are there.. but since the decoders do not compensate for
extra carriage returns gpfront doesn't see the files... for example
if one goes to the asus directory..


and run a simple clean with perl such as..

perl -pi -e '\''s/\r\n/\n/' *.front

all scripts run fine...

Would love to hear if anyone else noticed this problem, or if it's just
too much egg nog on my end :)

happy new year!


Patrick L. Francis   Department of Geography  Bowling Green State University
Office 301-F Hanna Hall    Phone 419.372.4185   Fax: 419.372.0588

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