[galeon] CF-netCDF standards initiatives

NOTE: The galeon mailing list is no longer active. The list archives are made available for historical reasons.

Some confusion has resulted from the fact that we are pursuing two parallel
efforts at standardizing CF-netCDF within the OGC.

The first initiative began a few years ago.  The goal is to establish
CF-netCDF as an extension standard for WCS encoding of data in binary form.
  Stefano Nativi just sent out an email announcing the latest revision of
the proposed "discussion paper" on that topic.  This will be discussed and
hopefully voted on at the September/October TC meeting.

At the same time, we have a new initiative to establish CF-netCDF as a
separate  OGC binary encoding standard.    This approach will result in a
binary encoding which can be used with different access protocols, e.g., WFS
or SOS as well as WCS.   Of course, in the long run, our objective is to tie
the two approaches together, but we do not want to impede progress on either
right now by making them formally interdependent.  A very rough draft of the
core standard for CF-netCDF is on the GALEON wiki at:


As you can see, the draft for the OGC core is based on the NASA Earth
Science Data System standard (NASA ESDS-RFC-011v1.00). We hope to have this
candidate standard in the proper OGC template form by the September/October
TC and will have an ad-hoc session at which we plan to establish a SWG.
Since there is already a large community of practice, endorsement by other
standards groups (NASA and NOAA in the US), and solid reference
implementations, we hope to move forward quickly with this standard.

We would very much like to have as many liaisons as possible between the WCS
and CF-netCDF working groups to ensure that they are kept in harmony.

-- Ben
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