[galeon] plan for establishing CF-netCDF as an OGC standard

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I put together a rough draft outline of a plan for establishing CF-netCDF as
an OGC binary encoding standard.  Please note that this is a strawman.
 Comments, suggestions, complaints, etc. are very welcome and very much
encouraged.  It would be good to have the plan and a draft candidate
standard for the core in pretty solid shape by early September -- 3 weeks
before the next OGC TC meeting which starts on September 28.

One issue that requires airing early on is the copyright for any resulting
OGC specification documents.  Carl Reed, the OGC TC chair indicates that the
wording normally used in such documents is:

Copyright © 2009, <name(s) of organizations here>
The companies listed above have granted the Open Geospatial Consortium, Inc .
(OGC) a nonexclusive, royalty-free, paid up, worldwide license to copy and
distribute this document and to modify this document and distribute copies
of the modified version.

I'm sending a copy of this to our UCAR legal counsel to make sure we are not
turning over ownership and control of the CF-netCDF itself..

-- Ben
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