Re: [GSN] GSN and GALEON AGU ESSI Focus Group Topics

Hi all,

Regarding a GSN/GALEON session at the Fall AGU meetings, I'm
responsible for the general ESSI session and likely will end up on the
program committee as secretary of the ESSI Focus Group.  And I
certainly plan to do everything I can to arrange for a place to
showcase related interoperability demos.  But I think it would be
better for others to act as conveners for something like an ESSI
session of oral presentations and posters on  "standards-based
interoperability via OGC networks for GEOSS Services and GALEON."

I believe we have until Thursday to find a couple (or more) conveners
to propose such a session.   If that doesn't work out, we could put
the papers into the general ESSI session and work from there, but I
think it would be better to convene a separate session.  Let us know
if you'll be attending the December AGU meeting in San Francisco and
would be willing to work with others to convene such a session.

-- Ben

On 6/1/06, Rudolf Husar <rhusar@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hello Ben, GSN, GALEON:

You can count me in to be at a ESSI possible session at Fall AGU. I would
suggest that you indeed propose and lead a session on these interoperability

I am not surprised that the GSN-GALEON type of activities attract attention
at this time. After all, virtually all the national and international Earth
Science and Application programs have declared data interoperability and
networking as a major goal.

An AGU session would inform the broader community of the past demos and
possibly attract additional members to actively participate in the future.
Conversely, presentations at an AGU session would force us to organize our
thoughts, formulate our experiences and improve the planning for future
GSN/GALEON activities . Such a session would also show to the major programs
such as GEOSS, that some 'near-term opportunities' for moving toward their
goals are being realized by the community.

So, I would suggest, go for it!