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April 18, 2003

MEMORANDUM FOR:   Distribution E

FROM:             John H. Ward
                 Chief, Production Management Branch

SUBJECT:          Changes to the NWS Production Suite

    On 15 July 2003 all FAX charts based on output from the Nested Grid Model 
(NGM) will be removed from the NWS FTP server.  A list of products to be 
eliminated is contained at the end of this memo.  Alternate products can be 
found at:


    NGM MOS FAX products can be found at:


    On or about 1 July 2003 NCEP will be instituting a policy to limit access 
to restricted data to authorized users of the NCEP Central Computer System.  
All ftp and WEB access to these restricted data types will be terminated on 
that date.  Further details on restricted data can be found at:


    The 30-day operational readiness test for the new Central Computer System 
(CCS) is continuing.  It is anticipated that the CCS will not become 
operational prior to 8 May 2003.  An exact date will be determined as soon as 

    In order to reduce the impact of this delay on planned implementations, the 
moratorium on changes to the Production Suite is being lifted and Production 
Management Branch will now accept requests for changes.  Routine 
implementations will commence by late April.  For changes that do not require 
additional system resource, implementations will be performed on both the IBM 
SP and the CCS.  Changes that require additional system resources, such as the 
GFDL upgrade and the initiation of a Fire Weather run, will be implemented on 
the CCS only.  Products related to the CCS implementations will not be 
available until the CCS becomes operational.

    By implementing changes on the CCS that are not on the IBM SP, the switch 
over to the CCS will not be as transparent as previously advertised.  The NCO 
WEB page which lists upcoming changes to the Production Suite


will indicate whether upcoming changes will be made on the CCS only or on both 
systems.  Once the operational date is established, this WEB site can be used 
to determine what changes in product volume, content, or format that will occur 
when the CCS becomes operational.

    The Production Status WEB page for the parallel runs on the
CCS is available at:


    The 30-day average times contained on this WEB page should closely mirror 
the schedule on the IBM SP prior to the T254 Global Forecast System (GFS) 
implementation.  The parallel status page now contains the target completion 
times for specific forecast products from each model run.  As model upgrades 
are implemented, every effort will be made to deliver products no later than 
the target times indicated.  No changes will be made to these target times 
without discussions with the customers of NCEP products.  In a number of cases 
the target times do not currently match the 30-day average completion time.  
The target times are based on plans to adjust the production suite to conform 
to a completely symmetric six hour forecast cycle, after the transition to the 
CCS is completed.

    An on-line user guide for code conversion to the CCS is available on the 
NCEP internal WEB server at:


    The guide will be continually updated as new features or problems with the 
code conversion are uncovered.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
    List of NGM FAX products to be discontinued on 15 July 2003

    File Name RGL Product Description                 Model Run

    QDTA11    00HR SFC/1000-500 THK I                 00Z/12Z
    QDTI11    24HR SFC/1000-500 THK                   00Z/12Z
    QDUE11    12HR SFC/1000-500 THK                   00Z/12Z
    QDUM11    36HR SFC/1000-500 THK                   00Z/12Z
    QDUQ11    48HR SFC/1000-500 THK                   00Z/12Z
    QETE00    12HR SFC PRECIP (12HR ACCUM)700VV       00Z
    QEUE00    12HR SFC PRECIP (12HR ACCUM)/700 VV          12Z
    QEUI00    24HR SFC PRECIP (12HR ACCUM)/700 VV          00Z/12Z
    QEUM00    36HR SFC PRECIP (12HR ACCUM)/700 VV          00Z/12Z
    QEUQ00    48HR SFC PRECIP (12HR ACCUM)/700 VV          00Z/12Z
    QHUA70    00HR 700 HT/RH /00HR 850 HT/TEMP        00Z/12Z
    QHUA71    00HR 500 HT/VORT/00HR MSLP/1-500 THK         00Z/12Z
    QHUA85    00HR 700 HT/REL HUMIDITY/00HR 850 HT/RH 00Z/12Z
    QHUA86    00HR 500 HT/VORT/00HR MSLP/1-500 THK         00Z/12Z
    QHUE07    12HR 700 HT/REL HUM                     00Z
    QHUE70    12HR 700 HT/RH/12HR PCPN/ 700 VV             00Z/12Z
    QHUE71    12HR 500 HT/VORT/12HR MSLP/1-500 THK         00Z/12Z
    QHUE72    12HR 700 HT/REL HUM/12 HR PRECIP/700 VV 00Z/12Z
    QHUE86    12HR 500 HT/VORT/12HR MSLP/1000-500 THK           00Z/12Z
    QHUI07    24HR 700 HT/REL HUM                     00Z/12Z
    QHUI70    24HR 700 HT/RH/24HR PCPN/ 700 VV        00Z/12Z
    QHUI71    24HR 500 HT/VORT/24HR MSLP/1-500 THK         00Z/12Z
    QHUI72    24HR 700 HT/REL HUM/24HR PRECIP/700 VV       00Z/12Z
    QHUI73    24HR 500 HT/VORT/24HR MSLP/1000-500 THK      00Z/12Z
    QHUM70    36HR 700 HT/RH /36HR PCPN/ 700 VV       00Z/12Z
    QHUM71    36HR 500 HT/VORT/36HR MSLP/1-500 THK         00Z/12Z
    QHUM72    36HR 700 HT/REL HUM/36HR PRECIP/700 VV  00Z/12Z
    QHUM73    36HR 500 HT/VORT/36HR MSLP/1000-500 THK      00Z/12Z
    QHUM85    36HR 850   HT/TEMP/48HR 850   HT/TEMP        00Z/12Z
    QHUM86    12HR 850   HT/TEMP/24HR 850   HT/TEMP        00Z/12Z
    QHUQ07    48HR 700 HT/REL HUM                00Z
    QHUQ70    48HR 700 HT/RH /48HR PCPN/ 700 VV       00Z/12Z
    QHUQ71    48HR 500 HT/VORT/48HR MSLP/1-500 THK         00Z/12Z
    QHUQ72    48HR 700 HT/REL HUM /48HR PRECIP/700 VV 00Z/12Z
    QHUQ73    48HR 500 HT/VORT/48HR MSLP/1000-500 THK 00Z/12Z
    QMTA11    00HR 500 HT/VORT/00HR 500 HT            00Z/12Z
    QMUE11    12HR 500 HT/VORT                        00Z/12Z
    QMUI11    24HR 500 HT/VORT                        00Z/12Z
    QMUM11    36HR 500 HT/VORT                        00Z/12Z
    QMUQ11    48HR 500 HT/VORT                        00Z/12Z
    QPTQ07    48HR 700 HT/REL HUM V12Z                12Z
    QPUE07    12HR 700 HT/REL HUM V00Z                12Z
    QPUM07    36HR 700 HT/REL HUM V00Z                12Z
    QRAE86    12HR BNDRY LAYER WIND/RH V00Z                12Z
    QRTA07    00HR 700 HT/REL HUM                00Z/12Z
    QRTM07    36HR 700 HT/REL HUM V12Z                12Z
    QTTA04    00HR NA 850 HT/TEMP (00Z)                    00Z/12Z
    QTTE00    PROG- MAX/MIN TMPS  US                  00Z/12Z
    QTTR00    PEATMOS    PROG                         00Z/12Z
    QTUI88    24HR 700 MB DEW PT TRAJ  PROG           00Z/12Z
    QWAI00    24HR BNDRY LYR WIND/RH                  12Z
    QWAM00    36HR BNDRY LYR WIND/RH                  12Z
    QWAQ00    48HR BNDRY LYR WIND/RH                  12Z
    QWPQ61    NGM 48HR BNDRY LYR WIND/RH              12Z
    QWTA11    MOS SFC  WND/CLD AMT                    00Z
    QWUA00    12, 18, 24, 30HR MOS SFC WIND/CLOUD AMT 00Z
    QWUM99    RAFS 36HR BNDRY LYR WIND/RH             00Z
    QWUQ99    48HR BNDRY LYR WIND/RH                  00Z
    QYTE11    PROB OF THNDR  STM                 00Z
    QZUQ88    24HR, 48HR SOLAR ENERGY (00Z) (CONUS)        00Z/12Z

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