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Hi Pete,

--On Thursday, December 21, 2000 4:28 PM -0600 Pete Pokrandt 
<poker@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

In a previous message to me, you wrote:

Hi Pete,

Joe is not quite ready, but we are getting a bit ancy here at the UPC to 
announce the availability of the new difax feed. Do you have any objections to 
us announcing the new feed w/out the redunduncy from OU?

Jeff and Linda,

I have no problem with that at all, but I would like to write up a web page or 
so of documentation about the maps before the announcement is made.   I will 
write that up by tomorrow and get you both the URL.

Sounds good.

It will be clear that Wisc is the only site currently injecting the product 
into the difax feed so may not be bombproof, probably won't be even after Joe 
is duplicating the task :), but we would like to begin before end of year and I 
think Joe will be pretty busy til then.

One minor concern, tomorrow (Dec 22) is my last official day at work before the 
holidays, though I'll be in town and monitoring things from home until the 
26th. Then we leave to visit my folks in Alabama, and will be gone until 
January 4 or so.  During that time, I may be able to check in from my Dad's 
computer down there but not very regularly, so if something goes down it may  
be a while before it gets fixed. If that's not a big concern to you, I have no 
problem announcing it anytime.

That's OK, Pete.  People should understand that it's the holidays and there are 
always possibilities of down time.  Even the NWS and NCEP seem to have their 
share of problems lately!

I'll get the web description written up and get you the URL by tomorrow.

Looks cold in your part of the world, but probably a white christmas.

Definitely cold, and enough snow to keep my arms tired for quite some time, but 
it is nice anyways.  I'd rather have everything white than brown :)

I agree with you totally.  I can remember growing up in Minnesota when the snow 
turned brown and needed a new snow fall to make it look like winter again, 
although the temperatures always reflected the fact that it was winter!

Have a wonderful and safe holiday and thanks again for your hard work in the 
difax arena.


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