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Good morning all,

I know that this is a bit off the discussion that has been spreading through 
the DIFAX community this morning, but I have a request that I can not fill.

Would anyone out there have these data plots available?

Do you archive the data and/or plots of the US temperature and precipitation 1 month outlooks and seasonal outlooks for varying lead times (i.e., 0.5,1.5,...,12.5) from CPC/NCEP. I know that the forecasts began in 1995 and continue on a monthly basis. The forecasts and data are generated once a month. If this data is archived at NCDC, please let me know where/how this data may be accessed and at what price.
If anyone can help out that would be great.  You can contact myself or David 
Bachiochi <davebachiochi@xxxxxxxx>

Thanks for any help provided in advance.


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