Re: DIFAX dialogue

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Tony, et al.

Anthony Rockwood <rockwooa@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

Don and I aren't the only ones with an opinion on the use of DIFAX as an 
educational tool. But we are both part of the Unidata Users Committee that will 
be meeting in three weeks with this whole topic of DIFAX on the agenda.  The 
UPC will not be providing a replacement product, but we'll be discussing ways 
that the Unidata community might find it's own way to make and distribute the 
products, if the demand is there.  So, I'd like for as many educators and 
students or former students (are we all former students?) to post comments on 
this topic so we can go to the table as well informed as possible.  It would be 
especially useful to hear from recent students who may have been taught using a 
mix of old and new technology.

If you do this (and I encourage you to) please be sure to cc: or send your 
comments to usercomm@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (since not all User Committee members are 
subscribed to difax).


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