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In a previous message to me, you wrote:

In any case, relying on the DIFAX products is a dead end.  The Unidata User's 
Committee is exploring options for community generated products.  I was just at 
UW-Madison and looked at the charts they produce using GEMPAK.  They've done a 
good job and their scripts are available as one of the options that Unidata has 
posted at:

To me, these are much better than using the old DIFAX maps.  You can't get 
ensemble forecast charts on DIFAX.


Just a heads-up, we (UW-Madison) will also be broadcasting via the IDD the 
gzip'd postscript files for all of these maps that we are making locally using 
the above mentioned scripts. I'm trying to get things set up now, and a few 
sites have expressed interest in helping me to test it all out.

I'll let everyone know when it is up and running, and include info on how to 
get the maps, what's included, etc.


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