Re: DIFAX Scripts

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Hi ho,

        A program for downloading NWS faxes is posted on one of the web sites 
at Cornell. Kinda rough around the edges, for LINUX (RH6.2). And, most Unix 
OS's, if you have some ancillary files listed in the program.  Tried to keep it 

        No executable, there are some compile time config that need to be done, 
before building. (This is a copy of the first non-beta) Point your browser at: 

        I could not get permission to inject the faxes into the IDD. Sorry.  
There were some legalistical, not logical, concerns. As Don suggested, difax 
stuff should move over to the difax list. So this is the last on this subject 
from me to the ldm list.

James D. Marco, jdm27@xxxxxxxxxxx, jmarco1@xxxxxxxxxxxx
Programmer/Analyst, System/Network Administration, Computer Support, Et Al. Office: 1020 Bradfield Hall, Cornell University Home: 302 Mary Lane, Varna (607)273-9132
Computer Lab:   1125 Bradfield            (607)255-5589

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