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I am working on the Difax issue.  I am trying to get an indication on what I 
need to do to get our FTP server to act as an LDM server for feeding Difax 
data.  It appears I am firewalled off on port 388 and I'm pursuing this with 
the networking people at Unisys.

I have two methods.  First the FTP server does get all the Difax charts in a 
compressed PCX format from our primary feed.  Second, I'm downloading charts 
from the NWS FTP site.  Right now, I'm providing this data is both PCX and PNG 
formats.  I'm going to stay away from GIF for obvious legal reasons (even us at 
Unisys stay away from GIF).  Either of these sources could be pqinserted into 
the IDD from our end if we resolve firewall issues.

There could be a small issue with bandwidth.  It appears Alden feeds Difax to a 
number of customers directly.  It is unlikely we can feed more than a couple of 
sites given bandwidth concerns.  We might forward the data to a single 
controlled LDM which can then go to the various Unidata sites.  Of course, this 
might be a moot issue if the T3 gets installed here.

Once I have this tested, I need to talk to Mike Porreca and Ron Guy on how we 
might work with Unidata on this issue.

Daniel Vietor               Mail: devo@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Unisys Corp                 Title: Engineer/Meteorologist
221 Gale Lane               Phone: 610-444-2407
Kennett Square PA 19348     Fax: 610-444-2420

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