Re: difax problems overnight

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On Thu, 31 Aug 2000, Eric J. Horst wrote:

I have not received any difax maps for over 12 hours,from about 22z WED to  
12:30z THU (still no maps coming in at this time). Has anyone else lost  their 
Alden feed overnight? My SystemAdmin insists this is not an in-house  problem 
here at MU...anyone having similar problems?

Nope, still getting DIFAX.  What host are you feeding from?  If it's lightning, 
fail over to thunder.  It's been more stable the past couple of months.

Tom McDermott                           Email: tmcderm@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
System Administrator                    Phone: (716) 395-5718
Earth Sciences Dept.                    Fax: (716) 395-2416
SUNY College at Brockport

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