Re: difax scripts and ps files

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In a previous message to me, you wrote:

Awhile ago you said you were going to post the scripts that you have for the 
DIFAX re-generation from Gempak data files.

1.  have you done that.  I can't seem to find it anywhere around were you have 
the .ps.gz files posted.


Sorry, no, I have not put them up yet. I wanted to try to document them 
somewhat to make them simpler to understand, but other things have come up in 
the mean time, so I never finished that..

I'll put them up as they stand now, for the surface and upper air analyses and 
for the eta model plots for now.  Hopefully they will not be too difficult to 
understand and will make a good starting point for everyone.  I'll re-post when 
the scripts are up.

We've been having some problems with our 850 hPa model plots not working, so 
they are currently turned off in the scripts.

2.  Are you still willing to distribute them to others via the LDM?

I'd be happy to send the gzip'd postscript files out via the ldm to anyone who 
is interested.


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